Enhance the way an investor sells, enhance the way a project grows.

DiamondSwap is a first-of-its-kind utility that provides all crypto investors with a new and lucrative way to buy and sell tokens without affecting the project's chart. When one can sell without adversely affecting the chart, the likelihood of growth is amplified.

DiamondSwap.co is a Peer-to-Peer Escrow Exchange & Marketplace.

This powerful new tool anonymously and automatically facilitates OTC trades between holders and buyers where the holders become the market makers! This prevents the need to buy and sell through the liquidity pool of the applicable exchange, and creates a world of opportunity for project owners, holders, and new buyers alike. We'll dive in to these opportunities below:

Presale investors now have a way to sell their tokens without tedious vesting schedules.

Typically, presale investors are the largest bag holders of any project and are often subject to strict vesting rules to ensure they don't dump on new investors (and rightly so).

Presale investors can list their tokens for sale at any time via DiamondSwap, which immediately creates a pool or adds to an existing pool of tokens for investors to buy from. This circum the need to sell into the liquidity pool, hides the sell from the chart, and prevents the need for vesting schedules all together!

That's bullish.

Friendly whales can now sell their tokens without dumping on their fellow holders & causing a panic sell off!

Many friendly whales reduce their returns by resorting to skimming profits on green candles or holding their bags to protect the chart of a project they enjoy.

Via DiamondSwap, friendly whales no longer need to sacrifice their profits and can sell their large bags to multiple buyers at any time without the sell showing on the chart, simultaneously improving distribution, and maintaining a bullish community.

That's smart.

Project owners can raise capital & incentivise new partners like never before!

Project owners often discover new partners or the need to raise capital well after launch has taken place. Tax revenue can become stagnant so unless project owners find ways to generate revenue quickly, the projects can die a sudden death.

Via DiamondSwap, project owners can sell their tokens directly to other investors to raise cash or bring on a new partner, without affecting the chart.

Furthermore, they can discuss vesting periods and offer incentives for the right people. The power is truly in their hands, and they are no longer solely reliant on volume to raise cash through taxes.

That's game-changing.

With new technology comes new opportunities.

When creating a tool to solve one problem, we've also engineered the platform to solve another in the process. DiamondSwap is ideal for project owners and friendly-whales who want to sell their large bags without affecting the chart, but the same technology will be of use to small bag holders as well.


List tokens for sale, and let the tech do the rest!

Depending on the ETH value of the tokens being listed for sale, different features will be available to the lister.

• Small bags are added to a single pool of the same tokens and sold to buyers on a FIFO (first in first out) basis.

• Medium bags (>0.10ETH) unlock the option to sell 1 to 1 and offer a discount.

• Large bags can stipulate vesting schedules.

Investors search listings and buy.

Investors can filter the listings by purchase value and choose to buy from a large pool of tokens, or via a single holder listing.

Once the buyer transfers the purchase amount in the desired collateral stipulated by the seller, the transaction is complete & reciprocal tokens transferred to each party.

Time to claim your desired tokens!

Buyers and sellers can claim swapped tokens via the user-friendly Dapp, in a similar way to how they have been claiming their ETH rewards to date - see gif for reference.

We are all about our holders!

At Diamond - we're focused on delivering for our holders. So much so, that we'll be passing the profits generated via the utility back to our holders in ETH!

DiamondSwap will be owned & managed under a registered and operating company. The project leads will be doxxing at this point for complete transparency.

Example Volume
Swaps (WhaleSwap & Dustsweeper pools)
Per Day
Hot Picks Top 10 Listings
Per Listing Per Day
Per Day
Dividends distributed to $DMNDS holders
Per Day
100% of profits made

We cannot wait for the next phase.

As the co-founder of DiamondSwap, I'm thrilled with the results so far. A great launch - reaching over 18m market cap, a solid community of over 1,100 telegram members and 690+ holders, and a dedicated community management and development team who have been productive behind the scenes!

We cannot wait to start using the much needed utility ourselves, and witness the wide ranging projects and investors using it too. Beyond the release of the utility, the single most exciting moment will be when we pass the first profits back to $DMNDS holders. This moment will be satisfying and personally rewarding and we're looking forward to a long and prosperous future.


Multi-chain compatibility

Meet the people behind
the product

Founder, Dev
Responsible for token and utility performance and the over-arching marketing strategies.
CEO - Operating Co.
Responsible for the formation, legals and management of the operating company.
Social Media Manager
Focused on communicating key messages via all relevant social platforms, as well as keeping key influencers up to date.
Partnerships & Networking
Key focus on establishing marketing & project partnerships. Enjoys the heavy lifting.
UI Design & Creatives
Responsible for all elements of the user-interface design, and all marketing material.
Utility - Solidity Dev
Responsible for the expansion of our dev team & the milestone tracking of our utility build out.
Frontend, Web3, Sol. Dev
Full stack developer, responsible for the dev of our frontend & connection to the smart contract via Web3. Key experience within fortune 100 companies and Web3 applications.
Pappy J - Alt
Solidity Dev - SC
Lead developer of our sophisticated smart contract for DiamondSwap. Dev to many successful projects with the most noteworthy running over 2,500x!

Some of our investors.

"The industry needs this." - Eric Cryptoman

"This $DMNDS use case is kinda genius and something the space could definitely benefit from. Holding all of my stack since day 1. I got a good feeling about this one 💎 "

“I'm impressed by DiamondSwap.  I can see why so many good names in the industry are preparing to get in behind it.”

Andrew Shore AKA "Drew"
Co-owner of EverRise

“DiamondSwap looks very promising!”

Founder @MarshallInu

$DMNDS @DiamondErc20 is about to change this space, utility that has never been seen before. Take this alpha and do what you want with that. I can confidently say that being 5yrs into this space.”


“As a project owner, I can see how DiamondSwap could change the game forever. I’m excited for our holders to be able to utilize DiamondSwap as the $MNT token increases in value”


“What a freaking coin man I looooove it”

Founder @ChiroCalls

"I'm excited to use DiamondSwap for our presale investors.  It will give other investors a lot of confidence knowing that presale investors will sell in a way that doesn't affect the chart, and give buyers a second and potentially more lucrative option when buying."

Founder @TATAS

Meet our partners

They have my full support.

"I'm thrilled to be partnering with DiamondSwap.  I think the utility is greatly needed in this space, and based on what I know of the project lead and the team, they have the capabilities to deliver."

View Travladd's TG

More tech and marketing partners announced soon.

Our Roadmap

Phase One


Establish group of influencers
Launch via uniswap
Establish community
Grow development team
Finalise frontend design
Write smart contract
Release x1000gem.com

Phase Two

Testing + Legals + Partnerships

Announce utility
Release new website - DiamondSwap.co
Connect frontend with Smart Contract
Initial Beta Testing - Team
Initial User Testing - Community
Incorporate Entity
Dox Founders
Establish key partnerships

Phase Three

Public release + Marketing

Marketing campaign begins
Public release of utility
Multi & cross-chain partnerships established
First profits passed back to $DMNDS holders
Key partnerships with analytical tool DApps
Launchpad partnership announced

Phase Four


Telegram bot development
Release Diamond Launchpad
Top Tier Centralised Exchange Listing
Additional Partnerships Announced